Tottenham Hotspur White Hart Gallery

The Brief

White Hart Lane is the home
of Tottenham Hotspur football club. With its new £400 million development Spurs needed a modern way to engage with the community.

Bud Studio was commissioned to create an artwork that reflected Tottenham’s community.

The Solution

Led by local artist Agwa our concept was to focus on the relationship of Work, Love and Play in Tottenham.

The artwork was completed as a triptych in the Bud studio using spray paint and acrylic on pine panel.

The Result

The triptych produced was hung in the concourse at the stadium which is visited by 65,000 football goers a week. The artwork allows the stadium to become more than a sporting venue, transcending into a community space that the locals can feel proud of.

Agwa, Lead Artist

“‘Work’ depicts the interconnectivity and growth the community has catalysed. ‘Love’ shows my home and Tottenham’s green spaces. ‘Play’ revolves around sport,
social painting and drinking at the Beehive.”