Bud Studio Art for Haringey

The Brief

Bud Studio is passionate about supporting artists and giving back to our local community, that is why we started our Art for Haringey campaign. Our aim was to bring the local and creative community together by running workshops and producing large scale co-designed artworks in Haringey.

The Solution

Backed by the Mayor of London and 101 members of our community Bud Studio raised £17,650.00. Through workshops community groups defined the themes of the artworks giving locals ownership over their artwork.

Bud Studio donated its time to manage the project securing wall permissions, running workshops, and engaging with local communities.

The Result

Art for Haringey got paid opportunities for local artists whilst giving opportunities to the community to have their voices heard. The project created six large public artworks. Bud Studio also self funded seven community artworks as case studies for the project.

Agwa, Lead Artist

“Art for Haringey was a massive success. Not only did I get paid to design and install an artwork I also had the opportunity to engage with locals to make sure the artwork was truly reflective of the community’s needs.”