Deliveroo Painted Teal

The Brief

Deliveroo wanted to do something special for their independent restaurant partners whilst showcasing their own youthful and dynamic brand.

Deliveroo approached us to help them come up with a brief and system to provide unique murals to independent businesses across seven cities in the UK. They wanted to start a wide reaching campaign that helped independent businesses.

The Solution

We collaborated with Deliveroo to write an artist brief, for the ten artists, to outline the guidelines ensuring consistency throughout the project.

Bud Studio briefed our artists to create artworks in their own personal style using our selected colour palette. The artist responses were based on the cuisine of the restaurants and local community.

The Result

We created seventy-five original artworks across the UK which showcased Deliveroo as a disruptive industry leader. The project also championed local artists and independent restaurants through creative collaboration.

Sunny, Rangos Peri Peri

“Speechless!!! What an amazing artwork. My restaurant stands out, even when it’s closed. I can’t thank you guys enough!!.”