Our Studio

As artists living and working in London, we understand how hard it is to find the right creative community. That’s why we’ve opened our doors to proudly host four not-for-profit studio spaces.

Albert & Zoe, Founders

“We’ve had the pleasure of hosting illustrators, printmakers and painters in our space. We want to champion these artists who work alongside us at Bud Studio.”

Saadia Mebchour

Junior Creative

Albert Agwa

Agwa takes his inspiration from street culture making artwork focused on accessibility and connectivity. Albert is also the founder and lead artist at Bud Studio.


Managing Director and Artist.

Oh Squirrel

Artist bio, how they came about the space, what kind of work they do.


Capturing quiet, ordinary moments of solitude whilst using a subdued prismatic palette, Qwynto depicts people going about their day in a constant state of distraction where they disregard their environment.

Phoebe Swan

I make vibrant and joyful illustrations and animations. I can see the studio from where I live and absolutely love being connected to other local artists through working here.


Itaewon dives deep into abstraction – using mathematics to suggest perfection and correlation to your unconscious, breaking the generic understanding of perspective.

May Glen

Artist bio, how they came about the space, what kind of work they do.